We are on a mission to help startups find the right investors

Startups need capital and skills to succeed, while investors and VCs want to find the winners of tomorrow. Today, they find each other primarily through their existing network and networking events, relying heavily on who they already know - and sometimes just pure luck. Join us in shaping the way the fundraising game will work in the future!

We believe there is a better way!

We have built a platform to help companies break free from the existing structures of investor networking. Our goal is to help them attract the right investors with the expertise they need to succeed. Join us in shaping the way the fundraising game will work in the future, and enable and support the companies of tomorrow!

Be part of our startup journey

As a company, we are young and ambitious - a small team of startup founders, investors, designers, and technologists with big plans! We are a multidisciplinary bunch with different skills and experiences, and we strive for an inclusive and collaborative culture that celebrates curiosity and new ideas. Come as you are and use your strengths to design the way you work, with freedom and trust from your team.

Right now, we find ourselves in the sweet spot between a startup and a scaleup. We are a small company, but big enough to move forward and experiment at a rapid pace. Everyone works together in building a product we believe in, while shaping the company we want to work in. Join us if you want high impact and influence over your work life.

Our work philosophy

How we work is important to us. Being in uncharted territory, we need to find the right problems to solve while continuously looking at ourselves and our data to learn and improve. Rather than having lots of standardized routines and meetings, we value open discussions and autonomy, so that we spend most of our time on building the right product.

We might be a startup, but we don't believe in long hours and overtime. Our people are our most important asset, and making sure we have a good work-life balance is key to being creative and productive. In the end, the reason we go to work (or our desk at home) every day to solve real problems for our users, and build a product we take pride in.

Current openings

We dont have any openings at the moment, but we’re happy to meet for a chat if your are curious about joining our team in the future.

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