Pursuing a better dynamic between startups and investors

Raising capital is one of the most time-consuming exercises of startups today - valuable time that could be better spent on building the product. On the other side of the table, investors face some of the same challenges, as it takes a lot of effort to network, meet and track companies before ever deploying capital.

CrowdWorks is a software platform designed and built by startup founders, investors, designers, and technologists. With smart matchmaking tools and company traction signals, we are building the next-generation startup networking ecosystem to streamline how startups and investors can meet and collaborate.

Putting founders first

Startups need capital and skills to succeed, while investors and VCs want to find the winners of tomorrow. Today, they typically find each other through their existing network and networking events, relying heavily on who they know from before - and sometimes just pure luck.

Live data and continuous traction signals from our company founders are the core of making the right recommendations later on. By putting the founders first, we can better understand the mechanisms at play in the fundraising game. That way, we can create a network that enables founders and investors to find the correct match for them.

CrowdWorks empowers promising companies in all industries to have a greater chance of beating the odds.

Who are we?

As a company, we are young and ambitious, with big plans! We are a small team of business heads, designers, and technologists with former experiences from being startup founders and investors. Our main office is located in Oslo, Norway, and we have physical presence in New York, US and Mumbai, India.

Drawing on our experiences from both sides of the startup scene, we’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of networking and raising capital from the right partners. We want to create a better way for all players in the fundraising game to find each other and collaborate. Our end goal is to help companies get funded and stay that way, while also helping investors pick the winners of tomorrow.

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Kristian Sølvberg

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Erlend Selmer

Founding Partnererlend@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Martin Batt

Partner & CMOmartin.batt@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Knut B. Steen

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Steffen Stenersen

Software Developersteffen@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Severin Sverdvik

Software Developerseverin@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Reetta Pellikka

Customer Experiencereetta@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Alex Fabian

Software Developeralex@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Lars Kristian Flem

Product Leadlars@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Daniel Tveiten

Design & Productdaniel@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Lars Ulverud

APAC Sales Leadlarsulverud@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Natalie Neptune

Community Managernatalie@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
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Caroline Lindh

UX Designercaroline@crowdworks.itLinkedIn
Our team is growing. We are looking to build a diverse team of highly talented and mission-driven people. Are you our next team member?
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Samson Sørtveit

PartnerCrux Advisers ASLinkedIn
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Karl T. Reinertsen

EVP & Managing DirectorCapgemini Invent NorwayLinkedIn
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Eirik V. Dahle

Managing PartnerGrenir AS & Dovetail ASLinkedIn
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Thomas Falck

InvestorAgenda Capital ASLinkedIn